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Tweety Pi's Daily Adventures
Chapter 12
Episodes 1 - 12 (of 45)
Episode 1 (of 45)
Episode 2 (of 45)
Free to roam for the first time in his life, Fish Pi is able to use his telepathy to confuse predators.
Fish Pi quickly realises the safest place for a small fish is in the mouth of the largest predator - if you can control its mind.
Episode 3 (of 45)
Episode 4 (of 45)
Fish Pi is determined to seek a mate. Above him the river rolls on through marshlands on the way to the sea. His thoughts wander.
When Fish Pi thinks about his life, he remembers it starting at the fairground on the day of the Lingerie Bowl. It was nearly deserted.
Episode 5 (of 45)
Episode 6 (of 45)
When Tweety Pi got home, Fish Pi let him know about his telepathy. But how did he come to be telepathic in the first place?
Fish Pi remembers. He was a small fish in a big tank. That's where he got Single Personality Disorder. He was as mad as the Math Fluffs!
Episode 7 (of 45)
Episode 8 (of 45)
Fish Pi remembers how he used to look into the next tank. That was when he got an Inferiority Complex.
While in the tank, Fish Pi had an imaginary friend --- Fish Styx. Styx appeared outside the glass. Impossible, but hey, he's imaginary!
Episode 9 (of 45)
Episode 10 (of 45)
Then he spent a terrible month on the fairground stall, alone in a bowl alongside countless other fish --- such as Sirius.
Moved to a bigger bowl, for a few days Fish Pi was next to Guppy Love. Since she was not telepathic, he would never know if she cared.
Episode 11 (of 45)
Episode 12 (of 45)
Stronger than the desire for Guppy Love is Fish Pi's attachment to Tweety Pi. He concludes that this was a case of Stockholm Syndrome.
At last Fish Pi reaches the open sea. Now he is scared to be in wide open spaces. He has agoraphobia! Fish Styx is less than helpful ---

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