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Tweety Pi's Daily Adventures
Chapter 10
Episodes 1 - 12 (of 34)
Episode 1 (of 34)
Episode 2 (of 34)
Pat is scared witless.
Then Pat beheld the glory of the Phoenix, free from fear but deep in wonderment.
Episode 3 (of 34)
Episode 4 (of 34)
Then to her astonishment, Pat saw the Book of Strangefluff. She asked the Phoenix why there were three tassels in it.
Pat asks why she is to be prophet when the Book of Strangefluff says it is a job for male draguns.
Episode 5 (of 34)
Episode 6 (of 34)
Behold the Prophetess Patagonia!
The Phoenix shows Pat her lineage, beginning with Sanzloupam the first prophet, who prophesied the Egg Temple. His emblem was the egg.
Episode 7 (of 34)
Episode 8 (of 34)
The Phoenix continues to speak of his beloved prophets. He reminds Pat that he gave Sanzloupam a wife in his old age.
The Phoenix tells Pat how Numbnowitz the Unbeliever came to have the staffs of prophecy; no one else wanted them. He had no message.
Episode 9 (of 34)
Episode 10 (of 34)
The Phoenix tells how Patnav foretold the end of Pi Centauri, and the sending of eggs through the universe. He bore the hatched egg.
The Phoenix tells Pat how her father, a Doctor of Theology, failed to become a prophet. Instead the gift went to his kid brother, Patnav.
Episode 11 (of 34)
Episode 12 (of 34)
The Phoenix tells Pat the content of Numbnowitz' secret theology: nothing is wrong except saying that some things are wrong.
The Phoenix reveals that Sarah Strangefluff obeyed Patnav's final prophecy by giving the 'Sylvester' to Tweety Pi without saying why.

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