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Tweety Pi's Daily Adventures
Chapter 8
Episodes 1 - 12 (of 58)
Episode 1 (of 58)
Episode 2 (of 58)
Tweety Pi had searched alone for Anna all day.
For hours he felt very strongly that Anna was near. He could not say how he knew, but he heeded nothing and no one else but that feeling.
Episode 3 (of 58)
Episode 4 (of 58)
At last Tweety Pi saw that he was lost deep in the forest far from water, where few animals go. He had no idea where the 'Sylvester' was.
Tweety Pi realised he would not find his way out, because the trees looked the same in every direction. It was years since he had flown.
Episode 5 (of 58)
Episode 6 (of 58)
It is one of life's great tragedies that what we want can be there all the time, and yet we are unable to see it.
Tweety Pi flew on and on over brown lands into the early evening, forgetting tiredness, driven only by love.
Episode 7 (of 58)
Episode 8 (of 58)
But as dark began to fall on this unfamiliar planet, Tweety Pi began to tire, for even the strength of draguns has its limits.
As night fell, Tweety Pi was utterly exhausted. He landed, and listened for the voice of Fish Pi; but they were too far apart to talk.
Episode 9 (of 58)
Episode 10 (of 58)
Next morning, Foxee confers with 'Boots'. The PUFF craft is repaired. The BCM wants to stay, and Zolkiewicz has given him his hat.
Foxee thinks he can find Anna using the Planetary Unusual Fluff Finder instruments, and with any luck, Tweety Pi will be nearby.
Episode 11 (of 58)
Episode 12 (of 58)
Foxee knows that his instruments can cover the whole planet from space, but when he gains the altitude required, he gets a surprise.
Foxee forgets his original purpose, and investigates the little space station.

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