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The Badger and the Mongoose

Assonant Animals

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Flo the Polar Bear

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Nolan met Flo on a floe in the snow,
and they romped around the pole.
Polar bears go after moments aglow,
so our Flo prepared a hole -
a two-chambered cave far from wind or from wave
where she bore her cubs, alone;
and she had to be brave, and to scrimp and to save,
in the frozen polar zone.

"Just a little cub, though your body's very small,
we are warm in our cave in the snow;
mummy must seem big, but you'll grow up very quick,
and my boys will be twice the size of Flo!

You shall have a coat of soft white fur
and be all of a blur in the cold;
under it, your skin will be black as any night,
and will keep you very warm, till you're old.

Blubber shall surround every warm little pound,
and will help to go far between meals;
a body lithe and long makes you proud, fit and strong,
and is good for catching walruses and seals.

Don't go too far south, or you'll pant from your mouth,
and lie down for a rest on the ice;
when it all gets warm, there are berries, roots and shoots,
and there's kelp, that will help, and tastes nice.

Just a little cub, mother's milk will be warm,
many months in the cave in the snow;
when you grow up tall, you're the biggest bear of all!
But for now, you're alone with your Flo."

This assonant animal suggested by Mrs Deborah Aitchison.

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