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The Badger and the Mongoose

Assonant Animals

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Mandy the Pangolin

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Mandy the Pangolin walks around
with paws that never touch the ground;
her claws too long to take her weight,
her balance is most del-i-cate.
Hunched at the front, long tail behind,
into a ball she'll quickly wind -
for fear or foes she forms a shell,
and sprays a most disgusting smell!

A pine cone formed from razor scales,
made of the stuff of fingernails,
Mandy can tear an anthill down -
sticks out her tongue just like a clown,
a foot or more, all covered in glue -
termites, Mandy lives on you!
So stay in your hill and quiver in fear
when Mandy the Pangolin waddles near.

This assonant animal suggested by Seraphim

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