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Assonant Animals

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Sarah the Canary

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Sarah the Canary likes a cage all her own,
and she likes to splash about in the cold;
company is cruel, for canaries live alone,
or they'll only bicker, fiddle, fuss and scold.

Seeds are nice for eating, with some greens, if you please,
but you mustn't let her feast upon your plants;
Sarah likes to nibble on a little bit of fruit,
but don't leave enough to feed the passing ants!

Sarah comes in colours, and a lot of funny shapes,
and she lays a lovely egg in her cage;
Sarah can fly fluttering all round the room alone,
but she won't sing a note for her wage!

Boy canaries singing or a-mimicking a bell
will make Sarah get all frolicsome in spring;
let them live together just a very little while,
and the visit will put love on the wing.

Sarah the Canary is a flighty little fairy
who was born to be a finch upon the wing;
Sarah the Canary is a bird all bright and airy,
and she's lovely, even if she doesn't sing.

This assonant animal suggested by Jason

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