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The Badger and the Mongoose

Assonant Animals

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Charlie Tardigrade

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Old Charlie Tardigrade is everywhere,
though no-one knows enough of him to care;
billions of creatures, all too small to see,
a full-fledged animal that just might be
filling a pond near you with countless lives -
or on the highest mountain, Charlie thrives.
Under the ocean deep, or 'neath the soil,
some kind of Tardigrade is wont to toil.
The water bear, slow-walking, fills the land,
from arctic chills to tropic dunes of sand.
And even if you put him out in space,
Charlie would barely feel he's out of place;
even between the stars his kind can thrive -
Charlie will boldly go, and stay alive.

This assonant animal suggested by "Thistleberry"

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