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The island

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Aurorielle's choice

Between the streams, Aurorielle watched the waters,
and wondered why her King had turned away
from heaven’s glittering stream, in which all day
ascended God’s angelic sons and daughters.
The other stream revealed a man and boy,
as if reflections glistening in the flow;
humanity had always vexed her so –
she wondered if a mother's life was joy.
Her heart was filled with sadness, since she knew
deep down inside that one ill-made decision
had brought about an ultimate division;
to former life above she bade adieu.
The King would not turn round and change his mind;
so now she’d hear at last what he’d designed.

The King of the Angels:
“Your choices, two;
no others can I send.
Choose mortal ways to taste,
or sleep until the End.
Choose now your lot,
but soon forgot
the heavens that you graced;
deep down, I know you knew.

Hush, hush your tears;
I’ll now increase your bliss!
I said it so before;
you never knew a kiss!
Now you must choose
which way to lose
the wings which once you wore;
but there’s no need for fears.

Upon this isle,
still slumber, if you will,
await the End of Days -
if now you take it ill
to be a girl,
and all unfurl
the wonder of her ways,
the sunlight of her smile!

Or you may live
a woman’s life below,
redeemed by purest love,
and learn my grace to know.
Though through life’s door
Eve enters poor,
in heaven, like a dove,
the crown of life I give.

For every Fay
that rises to the sky
has made one choice alone;
and asks not which or why.
In life men strive,
above they thrive!
For sin I did atone,
and won for them the day.

Your future must
become the greater, far,
than any other Fay,
than any that there are
who fly above
before my love,
and know alone my Day,
yet never knew the Dust.

For those whose choice
of their own will each day
is spurn the broader lane,
to take the narrow way,
build treasures true
you never knew,
that tarnish not nor stain;
forever they’ll rejoice.”

“Oh Lord, I know
that never would you hurt
a single thing you made;
but I don’t know the dirt
whence Adam came,
and Eve the same,
for never was I laid
where men and women go.

All I hold dear,
before your face to fly
in loving presence kind,
the kingdom of the sky.
How can I bear
the deep despair
of knowing not your mind,
if forth I go from here?

But if I sleep,
what can I hope at all
to show before your face
as service to your call?
That is to turn
away, not learn
to praise you for your grace;
your sovereign mercies deep.

Oh, oh, the pain!
To risk a moment far
from love so perfect, known
forever where you are.
As you knew loss
upon the cross
and missed your Father’s throne,
until you lived again.”

The King of the Angels:
“Indeed I died,
and entered into hell,
to fetch from there my flock
who miserable did dwell
in those dead halls.
I broke the walls,
vain powers did I mock
to win for me my bride!

But know you now,
before I ever walked
the dark and dusty earth,
I never chafed or balked;
because I knew
the pleasure true,
the merriment and mirth,
my troubles would allow!

And if you wake
to life of womankind,
your end is better far
than Fay that stay behind;
for with my aid,
each choice you made
would shine you like a star
when heaven’s way you take.”

“I know, I know;
no Fay could ever fail
to think these things are true;
and yet my heart doth quail;
I know not how
my path to plough
a course that comes to you,
if all alone I go.”

The King of the Angels:
“My fairy dear,
I would not send you lone
to struggle through your life
until you reach my throne.
I’ll give to you
a husband true
who'll love you as his wife,
and gladly hold you near.”

“How shall I know?
What mortal man might love
your daughter as you do,
with fondness formed above?
What kind of sign
that no decline
from youthful ardours true
will come; instead, they grow?”

The King of the Angels:
“You are no thrall,
and so you must decide;
if hard you judge his heart,
refuse to be his bride.
I shall reveal
what men conceal
with every ardent art
behind a frightened wall.”

At that, relief enclosed her like a cloak;
once more she felt the peace of God inside.
She knew her King for every woman died,
and such a life she’d live if she awoke;
to know in full the mysteries of Love,
felt small and slight in life by those whose form
cannot withstand such fiery love, so warm,
for like a blazing flame he lives above.
Unless he guides each life to bear his heat,
they perish like a moth before a flame,
from out whose hands the earth and heavens came.
But once a choosing life makes men complete,
His holy flame will bless them with its light
in bliss complete beyond the realm of sight.

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