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The powerless

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Trefor revealed

“Here in the stream I see
who is sat next to me -
you’re just a boy who’d be
near manhood nigh.

Now I can see what’s real;
all of your words reveal,
even if sealed in steel,
you’re still a boy.

If I look straight at thee,
armour indeed I see;
surely the cause must be
the cunning Fay.

Once on a journey lone
into the green unknown
hoping that I’d atone
for Robert’s sin,

travelling far from view
regions that no men knew,
out where the tall trees grew,
beside this stream -

quite overcome by care,
sudden I stopped to stare -
angels I saw most fair,
that guard this land.

Out of the trees you came;
surely you met the same,
known by whatever name
you care to use.

Surely you serve the King;
he who on swiftest wing
praise of our God doth sing
amidst the trees.

Riddles, it seems, you tell;
Arthur you serve, as well!
As for how this befell,
I need not know;

for, by these signs ‘tis clear;
Providence sent you here.
Surely the end is near
for Robert’s reign.”

“Jester, you test me; I cannot deny
I come from the King who ascendeth the sky,
and although I know not how the deed shall be done,
I must rescue the fairy who brings summer’s sun.

I am a boy, and no plan have I got
to rescue that Fay, neither purpose nor plot.
Yet it gladdens my heart that you saw through disguise,
and confirm that the words that the King spake were wise.

Since you are clearly agreed to my quest,
I ask you your counsel; now what think you best
for the freeing of fairies from whither and where,
whilst the lord of this land is kept all unaware?”

“Those who would break her dreams,
seek her between these streams.
Many have sought for schemes -
but help I will.

All that I know I’ll tell;
how, through a plot of hell
cast was an evil spell
that laid her low:

there on the island lies
she who once ruled the skies;
hear now with many sighs
the tale I tell.”

The Fool then pointed out a sturdy gate
that stood mysterious by the water’s side.
He looked towards the isle of Robert’s pride,
as if it held the secret of his fate.

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