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In the forest

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In forest fair stood Trefor now made whole;
the air around him swam with summerís heat;
with joy he felt his heart begin to beat,
and now he stood in sight of Arthurís goal!

But then he saw the blessťd golden girl
who in his vision played the Summerís part;
and Trefor in a moment lost his heart -
she seemed to him as precious as a pearl.

She looked a maid about his age to him -
although she had been slaughtered as a child,
perhaps it suited her as summer mild
to take the form of one so fair of limb.

Sad smiling, Summer fled on flying feet,
through trees that danced with gladness where she passed,
while earth sang skyward anthems unsurpassed,
and Treforís heart, enraptured, madly beat.

He knew no longer quest, or liege, or vow,
but ran entranced as any boy in love,
incapable of thought before his dove,
the one to whom his whole emotions bow.

At forestís end they felt the windís caress,
and Summer stopped, amidst a field of wheat;
poor Trefor cast him down before her feet,
his first awakened passions to express.

Sad Summer smiled a ghostly smile, and said,
ďI could have loved you had I had a life;
but I shall neíer be anybodyís wife.
Yet one shall love you more than me, instead.

I welcome you this fine Midsummerís Day;
the seasons passed for others in your dreams.
The year is not as constant as it seems;
with Fairy Sight youíve seen it fade away.Ē

She vanished in an instant; Trefor wept.
He felt her loss as utterly as sun
departs the sky when all the day is done;
he knew this feeling not, and hoped he slept.

But when the fit had passed, he stood to stare;
he thought it Paradise, despite her loss;
as though old Eden he had come across -
yet there beside him, grazed the patient mare.

Contents Page 17About

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