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In the forest

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Trefor becomes a knight

The Forest King:
“Be welcome now, Sir Trefor,
for Merlin speaks thee well;
we hope that you enjoyed our dance
of victory over hell.

We celebrated vic’try,
for you have conquered fear,
since at your end you’d not descend
to curse the Saviour dear.”

“You call me now ‘Sir Trefor’,
but I am just a boy;
I’ve neither noble blood
nor skill in arms can I employ.”

The Forest King then dubbed him
by dawn’s first early light;
and there before the elven throng,
created Trefor knight.

He held aloft a reed stalk
provided by the Queen,
and touched him on his shoulders thrice,
though he was just fourteen.

The Forest King:
“By fairy power you’ll seem now
as strong as you are brave;
your eyes shall see with fairy sight
o’er land and wind and wave.”

“Did Merlin in his cunning
indeed refer to this,
when saying I’d be knighted soon?
This ring of yours I'd kiss?”

The Forest King:
“Indeed, we serve one liege lord;
you’re now a Fairy Knight;
and with the servant race of Fay,
you'll ever fight your fight.

Our sister lies enchanted -
Aurorielle the fair;
your quest, henceforth, to set her free
from vile Sir Robert’s lair.”

“I have another burden,
that Arthur gave to me;
to search the earth for summer’s sun;
my path must northward be.”

The Forest Queen:
“You need not worry, Trefor;
you’ll find both quests the same.
For all four seasons fair and free
are in her power to name.

Whene’er she calls a season,
that season shall it be;
she brings the sun all summer long,
in winter, ice brings she.

In springtime brings she laughter;
in autumn brings she rain;
and when the year brings Yuletide cheer,
she starts them all again.

Because she lies in slumber,
her blessings start to fade;
the seasons lose the fruitfulness
for which they once were made.

Most greatly missed is summer,
which feeds you all year long;
it misses her fertility -
without her dies all song.”

“Yet how am I to do this -
to free your sister fair?
What keeps you from assisting her,
since you ascend the air?”

The Forest King:
“Since Merlin spake in power
that this would be your task,
we know he spake the words of God,
and no more need we ask.”

“How then shall I release her?
And what shall come of me?
What if I do not have the heart
to set your sister free?”

The Forest King:
“One message only have I,
of one thing you must know;
and though it now perplexes you,
once given, you must go.”

The King touched Trefor’s eyelids,
then thrice he turned him round,
and gave to him the Fairy Sight
as sunlight struck the ground.

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