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The trial of justice

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Saddam tries justice; justice shall be tried.
Who dares to speak against his deep conceit?
His cringing victims doubt a court may meet,
for all alike still mourn for friends that died.
Ever the sands of Babylon have sighed,
where every king of terror took his seat,
trampling his foes anew in old defeat,
governing countries groaning far and wide.
Now is the hour to end the fatal game,
to judge the villain like the common cur,
and take the gloss of glory from his face.
Now is the end of all those lords the same,
whose ancient graves will quiver, all astir,
when victims come to judge the tyrant’s case.

(Written 5th February 2006. Ancient Babylon is in modern day Iraq, and Saddam took as role model her ancient tyrants, calling himself the ‘son of Nebuchadnezzar’.)

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