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Baby, what’s your name?

(Based on a tragic murder case)
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Baby, what’s your name? Baby, what’s your name?

My mother came from Kingston town; her sisters say,
most men will hit a woman with his hand.
At six months old my daddy came, and went away,
to take me to a far off foreign land.

They put him in a jail one day, for crack cocaine
was all that ever kept us from the wall.
And so I stayed with aunts; that means his girlfriends came,
and no one ever checked them out at all.

When one got bored, her daughter called, and made me stay,
and beat my arms and legs till Social came.
They gave me foster carers, but they went away;
they couldn’t take me with them on their game.

So Social said my daddy’s aunt, in London town,
would take me, and they sent me there to stay.
Turned out she was his girlfriend too! My daddy’s hot,
to have a different girlfriend every day.

When daddy came from prison, then - I lived with him!
And off we went to get my stuff for school.
But when he got back home, the door exploded in;
some junkie put three bullets in his skull.

Baby, what’s your name? What’s your name?
Will you tell the p’liceman that I came? What’s your name?

But daddy’s name was taken from a man he never knew -
and daddy was not daddy when the testing all went through.
Now no one knows what words to use, to name my little grave;
a seven year-old witness was too old to spare or save.
I got a bullet fired right through my back for being there,
and Social didn’t know that I was left in daddy’s care.
My aunts were all his girlfriends, yet the Social didn’t check-
and no-one ever did their job, or tried to save my neck.

Baby, what’s your name? What’s your name?
Will the system ever face its shame? What’s your name?

Contents Page 61About

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