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The trial of ethnocentricity

Part 6 - The judgement

“Case dismissed!” frowned the Judge. “The wrong man is on trial;
Mr Strife has revealed that he lives in denial.
For he says that the immigrant must not be changed,
and yet says those are normal that say they’re deranged!

He ignores his own precepts, and says with a whim
that the Tolerance taken for granted by him
is accepted by those who arrive on our shore,
when a part of them states that is what they abhor!

He has said we must not make them change their beliefs,
since that’s Piggish, and only increases our griefs;
he’s a Swine in his mind! Yet he foisted on Pie
the sole blame for what’s now been revealed as a lie.

So let Jobsworth go free with no stain on his hide,
for the governing factions continually lied;
they all said that it’s Piggist to make an appeal
that an immigrant cherish some common ideal,

then they chanted a fantasy based on a lie,
and demanded that all should adopt it, or die.
Let a case now be brought ‘gainst the Pigs of the State,
who have seen only friendship in terror and hate!

They have lied to themselves, they have lied to the crowd,
and ignored the plain truth Herbert’s spoken out loud;
that a Pig can be black, brown, or white to the eye;
it’s what stinks that’s a Pig, and belongs in a sty.”

Contents Page 39About

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