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The trial of ethnocentricity

Part 2 - Professor Butcher

The Professor described how the pig had been killed;
it was not very big, but extremely ill-willed,
and in order to save all the rest from its smell,
he’d seen fit to kill all of its piglets as well.

“So the stench was removed?” asked Sir Herbert, irate;
“and yet ever since then you’ve continued to prate?
If the killing of Pig was sufficient to fix
all our problems, then why are you still at your tricks?”

“There’s a living in killing the Pig, I’ll admit,
and as long as there’s money, we’re not going to quit.
A profession for many, though Pig is long gone,”
said the Butcher. “And that’s why the stench lingers on.”

“I would hazard a guess that the smell is just fine,”
said Sir Herbert. “We’ve dated the death of the swine.
It was Spring ’68 he was hung out to dry,
but since recent events, we’ve been asking quite why.”

“But the smell is still present, Sir Herbert,” perspired
the foremost authority Jobsworth had hired.
“Then please tell me,” said Herbert, “what says it on here?
Read these papers; they’ll make things abundantly clear.”

“I see nothing at all,” said the Prof with a frown.
“Are you sure that you’ve written a single thing down?”
“I wrote ‘Racist’ in black and then ‘Victim’ in white,”
said Sir Herbert. “The jury will see that I’m right.”

“Of course!” scoffed the Prof. “It’s a part of my work,
that no sane academic would question, or shirk;
for a Racist is white, and a Victim is black;
and that statement no sensible man would attack.”

“Oxymoron!” cried H; but the Judge over-ruled.
“You must know that professionals all have been schooled
to respect the Professor for bringing us light;
and we know that he always defines himself right.”

“But your honour!” sighed Herbert. “It isn’t our case
to bring back the dead Pig, or another in place;
we are only concerned to establish the lad
who disposed of the carcass can smell just as bad!”

“Out of order!” the judge thundered loud and irate.
“Special privilege lies in the hands of the state.
Unless all of our teachers should now be replaced,
it must let them decide on smell, feeling and taste!”

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