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New Year’s Day

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Come for a ride! We’ll go once round the sun,
and then hold a party whenever we’ve done.
It should take ‘bout a year, give a bit of a day,
but as far as I know there is only one way.
You can go through the seasons (though lately they’ve changed,
and the weather in places is greatly deranged),
or trip through the days in the order they fall,
but no matter your preference, they each get a call.
If like me, S.A.D. is a problem for you,
you can choose from the hemispheres, one of the two,
and with money enough you can miss out the night
or the day, or the summer, if finance is tight.

Ride round the sun! It’s a regular spree!
And like it or not, you will do it with me!

(S.A.D.; acronym for ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’.)

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