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Plutonic planets

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Since Herschel, the finder, gave name to Uranus,
the fate of the planets has simply been heinous;
for next of all Neptune was nearly called Janus!
Still later, when Pluto was found on the boundary,
all names were still struck from a classical foundry.
But when desperation gave meaning to Xena,
(for U-b-three-ONE-three is harsher and meaner),
why not then have Charon as Sharon or Sheena?
It seems that in future all spheres made of granite
will answer to names no more noble than Janet;
today, they made Pluto a Mickey-Mouse planet.

Written 16th August, 2006. According to Wikipedia, on 24th August 2006 the IAU officially recategorised Pluto (whose principal moon is Charon) as a 'dwarf planet'. Mickey Mouse remains unaffected at this time.

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