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The ultimate treason

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I went to test my mettle with
a passer by who showed goodwill;
I wondered on my wanderings -
if all I’d done was good, or ill.
Now when I spoke of what was wrong,
I never heard a word of fault;
but when I chose to serve the Lord,
my friend’s compassion reached a halt.
For any sin can find a friend
who claims with warmth that they’ll forgive
the errors of a fumbling fool
who makes his way as others live;
but just one time reveal the truth,
the mysteries of fighting sin
enmeshed in flesh, but separate,
removing what has crept within –
and all those whitewashed walls of pride
shall ring around the simple man
who told his faults, and never lied,
yet did his duty as he can –
as soon as doing Jesus’ will
becomes the subject told in tales,
the gibberish of Pharisees
erupts in great self-righteous wails.

And thus, the treason deep despised
is not to fail, or sin, or hide -
instead, it’s doing Jesus’ will;
for Pharisees all worship pride.

Contents Page 154About

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