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Living pillars

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Among the living pillars of the Lord
I crept and crawled a few short happy years,
before I grew estranged and went astray.
The demon Doubt just would not be ignored,
although it offered only empty fears,
and drove the love of living far away.

I wandered long and far in feeding swine,
for that was all I found to pass my time,
and on the way I pondered many things.
Yet ever in my heart Id fret and pine
to find a future free of all the slime,
where hope and peace took flight with steady wings.

But then, when I discovered what you knew,
youd packed your bags and left to rest your souls,
before I had the chance to tell my tale.
I stood alone in pondering anew
the brazen heavy bell that ever tolls
before the soulish ship begins to sail.

For I was just an infant long ago,
and all around you came and went at ease,
while I was just the baby on the floor.
Your time was gone so swift; how could I know
that I could not delay you with my pleas;
your like is not among us any more.

Contents Page 150About

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