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Portrait of the Artist as a Lone Tree


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Those whitewashed walls still glimmer in the light;
the bones within that tell of empty death
shall rob the wretched yet of every breath –
the living dead shall enter into night.
For only those who thought they knew the Word
called “crucify!” - ignoring what they saw
and heard, amongst the gold of Moses’ law,
whenever their opinion so preferred.
Their formulae, alas, can never save,
yet make them ever-righteous in their sight -
oblivious to fast-approaching night,
without a spot, they claim, to meet the grave.
“You sinners, who are you to know the Lord?”
Yet those who were accursed, shall be restored.

(Author’s note; this is intended to be a comment on the undesirability of religiosity amongst Christians today, not on the practices of Jews in the time of Christ.)

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