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Portrait of the Artist as a Lone Tree


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Ynys Enlli

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I sought for ease in the sharp sea breeze,
on a rounded mound jutting out to sea;
the earth and I were between the sky
and the endless flecks of green,
where crashing waves covered many a grave,
and the gulls were faring free.

I went to face the power of the waves,
down the steep pathway that meets the sea -
where even the sheep take heed of the deep,
and the spume consumes the scree.
Lonely ocean sighed till it touched the sky,
and roared to infinity.

On the top of the mound I lay down and drowned
beneath the blue of the bottomless sky,
and the call of the moor crept into my pores,
as the clouds swept by -
till vision was stirred by the secret word
that whispered deep inside.

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