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Portrait of the Artist as a Lone Tree


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For Kevin and Michael

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“Oh clouds, why won’t you part and show the Lord?
Why fly above the earth to hide the Son?
Whenever night is nigh and day is done,
in longing, I await your angel horde.
For children have beheld Him, crying out
that Jesus walks the sky on heaven’s stairs –
with others all around at unawares,
not bothering to look, preferring doubt.
I must admit, I stared that day, and yet,
though the young urchin standing by my side,
until that moment unbelieving, cried -
cried out, ‘Look! There goes Jesus!’ when we met -
yet, though I know your voice, I miss your face,
and always hunger greatly for your grace.”

”Have you not seen the power of mad Saddam -
from every corner posters gazing on,
as if to note where every slave had gone?
Ever the lion, never once the lamb!
Only dictators seek to show their sham,
and tell the people none can make escape.
I’d rather have them guessing at my shape,
and wondering what kind of God I am.
For once they see me throned in glory, then
it’s far too late for anyone to choose;
and if that came too early, I would lose
many who yet will turn to say ‘Amen’.
Until that time, you’ll mostly see me best
in those who treat my Spirit as a guest.”

Contents Page 143About

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