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Crucifying the truth

John 18:38; “What is truth?" Pilate asked.
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"And what is truth?" says Pilate, for the State;
"The truth must be reviewed by many eyes.
Pers'nal opinion reigns; there are no lies,
and thus no truth. We find these things innate.
We shall not judge betwixt the many claims,
but call them all the same - that is, all void.
Only when men agree is strength deployed.
(Agree against the truth, and gain your aims.)
'Justice' is but a tool to serve an end;
honesty but the penance paid by fools.
Grievances - equal, all; they are the tools
with which the State's great strength will make men bend."
The King returned no answer, since His word
will stand; in mercy, judgment is deferred.

(Pilate’s attitude seems very popular today.)

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