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Portrait of the Artist as a Lone Tree

From the joy of love to the depths of marital breakup, from the humour of children to the mysticism of a visionary, Dave Knight's first collection of poetry contains something for everyone who appreciates rhythm and rhyme.


Written throughout in rhythmic poetry, 'Aurorielle' is a short novel in the tradition of works such as 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'.

The Badger and the Mongoose

Somewhere in the north of England, a badger and a mongoose meet when they take shelter in a derelict house. They don't like the same food, they don't like the same clothes, they can't agree on how to make the house habitable and they'd both rather be somewhere else. But when the council threatens to remove the 'infestation', the indignant mongoose sets the badger to work making a home, while she goes off to give the officials a piece of her mind.

Dave Knight's third book of poetry also contains a delightful selection of other animal poems, with a starring role for Professor Minsky, cat of a thousand wiles. The 'Assonant Animals' poems - first seen in 'Portrait of the Artist as a Lone Tree' - are also included.

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